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We craft exceptional event experiences for the modern hospitality brand.

Using G+A’s proprietary Feelings-led 4D Framework, we design events that deliver customers and top- and bottom-line results.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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How we do it

G+A | An Experiential Design Firm designs and delivers restaurant grand opening and new tradition events from end to end.

We take the guesswork out of designing and marketing your full-service restaurant grand opening or new tradition event. Using our $1M 4D Framework, we design and deliver:

  • Your Now Open™ Roadmap; 
  • Now Open Marketing Calendar; and 
  • ‘Yes Chef’ Support™

Your Now Open Roadmap

We identify the feelings that will drive your grand opening or new tradition event design and marketing calendar to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Your Now Open Marketing Calendar

A 60-day event marketing calendar designed to get butts in seats and dollars in your pocket using nothing more than email and text… Unless you want a little more.

'Yes Chef' Support

We reply to your questions in an hour or less 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Case studies

Our clients

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Pam Dylag

G+A was a dream to work with! Mallory was completely comprehensive with our brand and what we were looking to accomplish. She was thorough in explaining all aspects of our strategy and goals through our partnership. We would highly recommend them!

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Christina Dylag

Working with Mallory was truly exceptional. She provided us with the necessary tools to optimize our business practices and increase revenue. We were able to see our business from a different vantage point, which not only revealed areas of potential growth but allowed us to elevate our standards of service to better fit our ethos. … Christina Dylag Read More »

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Leslie Katz

I really enjoyed working with you. I like your approach to help us all think beyond the current state! Thanks for all the thoughtful ideas to put us on a successful path.

Notes With A Purpose Logo

Alex Le, PhD

Words truly cannot express how much appreciation I have for you. Thank you for stepping up as a kickass professional team! G+A was the critical component to NWP having pulled off both the Music Juice Box Series and Reclassified. I am so grateful you\’re a part of our NWP family.

Bri Palowitch

I continue to sing your praises for the work you’ve done on EndoCares. You perfectly break and remake things with such vision and ease. Can’t wait to see what else you lead us through 😊. Yay!

American Health Information Management Association Logo. Healthcare Business Technology

Tom Murray

Thanks, G+A. The way you redesigned our space blew me away – an amazing display of creativity and what’s possible. Look forward to continuing the same work [soon]!

American Speech–Language-Hearing Association Logo

Jack Coursen

I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we’ve found this to be tremendously helpful – in breaking out of static patterns of thinking, reconsidering what’s possible, and refocusing more on what our members really need and less on what we think we have to do. Your point about the need … Jack Coursen Read More »

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Caryn Odenbach

I appreciate your creative approach to encouraging us to think differently. Members are still buzzing, and we consistently go back to, “what would Mallory do?”  We try to approach each situation as an opportunity to think bigger and better [whether with] a small task like writing an email, or a large task like identifying the … Caryn Odenbach Read More »

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Katie Williams

It was truly a pleasure working with G+A. Mallory and her team were extremely thoughtful in their approach to keeping our priorities at the forefront. Specifically, they were impeccable stewards of our financial resources. At every turn, they truly had our best interest in mind. I 100% recommend G+A – they will care about you, … Katie Williams Read More »