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We create dazzling brand experiences for independent bars and restaurants, luxury boutique hotels, and mixed-use commercial developments to deliver top- and bottom-line results.

Mallory Gott speaking to the G+A Associates team during a meeting
Mallory Gott MA, CAE - Founder + Creative Director

After years designing brand experiences for some of the world’s most discerning audiences, Mallory Gott, owner + creative director of G+A, realized that her approach – identifying the feelings she wanted an experience to evoke and then reverse-engineering those feelings through the intentional design of each facet of the experience – was anything but typical.

By focusing on emotion and desire first, working solutions instead of solving problems, and emphasizing intuitively-based decision-making over a data-or-die mentality, G+A quickly amassed a portfolio of experiential design success stories!

Leadership team

Cara Dace

Junior Experiential Designer

Sandy Dillion


Mal Gott

Owner + Creative Director

Trisha Gott

Operations Experience Design Lead

Cassandra Reyes-Jones

Senior Experiential Designer

Tyrell Syms

Senior Experiential Designer

Fran Timmerman

Senior Experiential Designer