Digital Danke Schön from the Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

Crowd of people reaching up to a Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas beer

Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas knew they needed to make a change. After more than 15 years as a leader in the competitive Las Vegas hospitality market, they could feel the energy at North America’s largest Bavarian beerhall had changed…and not for the better. Despite big promises from a number of marketing firms, digital traffic continued to decline while the pool of funds allocated towards improving steadily grew. Disappointed by subpar results, Hofbräuhaus took matters into their own hands, teaching themselves the digital ropes and moving digital marketing operations in-house.

As they lifted the formerly mysterious digital marketing veil, the team felt an initial sense of relief. “At least we know we’re no longer being sold a bill of goods,” they thought. But they quickly realized that in order to generate the high-impact digital and real-world results they were seeking, they were going to need help.

Enter G+A.

Using our multi-faceted experiential design approach, G+A explored not only how to boost digital traffic and digital-to-real-world conversion rates by crafting a holistic, intentional digital experience, we also undertook a comprehensive review of their event, space, culture, and people experiences, helping the team define in vivid detail what an evening at the Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas would feel like for guests once optimized. Through a series of scaffolded exercises and extensive research including secret shops, server shadows, documentation review and even a trip to Munich, G+A convinced the team that experiential design alignment across all five major areas of focus was more than just a catchy ploy.

Upon receipt of their comprehensive experiential design plan, which outlined and prioritized a multitude of experiential design recommendations, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas knew they were finally on a clearly laid out, easy-to-follow path towards real change.

“G+A is the first firm we’ve worked with who we believe truly knows what they’re doing.”

Jessica Maass, Digital Marketing Lead, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

Case Result

Less than two weeks after implementing only two of the dozens of digital experience enhancements G+A recommended, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas saw a nearly 400% increase in their mobile site speed score and a 25% jump in digital traffic, giving the proof they needed to begin implementing more wide-ranging, longer-term experiential design strategies in partnership with G+A.