Designing a City Block Partner Experience with Fergusons Downtown

Fergusons Downtown

What is Fergusons Downtown?

Fergusons Downtown is a city block rooted in community, celebrating local music, art, and creators. Through the revitalization of the historic Fergusons Motel, members cultivate a diverse and inviting community that fosters creativity and passion. From the shops of local makers to restaurants and enchanting green spaces, Fergusons is a place where the community can connect, shop, eat, drink, stay, work, gather and explore. After this aspirational mixed-used development opened its doors, Co-founder & Creative Strategist, Jen Taler sought out G+A | An Experiential Design Firm to evaluate, build and map an efficient approach to launching a portfolio of partnership opportunities that would showcase the essence of the city block experience that is the heartbeat of Fergusons Downtown.

Enter G + A.

G+A went to work quickly drafting a Vivid Description of the uniquely Fergusons partnership experience:

  • G+A delivered a comprehensive Experience Design Plan™ for Partner sponsorship tiers, profiles, investment opportunities, and sales strategies, as well as an end-to-end Partner Prospectus template.
  • In addition, Fergusons received a custom Implementation Roadmap that articulated the actions required to build foundational systems to launch and maintain a stellar portfolio of partnership opportunities.

The Ferguson Downtown partners were stoked to collaborate with the Fergusons’ team on the conceptualization of unique, multi-faceted, community-enhancing experiences that enhance the ways its guests connect, shop, eat, drink, stay, work, and explore. They were driven to design something invigorating and refreshing that impacts not only Fergusons Downtown but the larger, burgeoning downtown Las Vegas community.

With a clear picture of precisely how the dream partnership experience would feel, G+A drafted a custom Implementation Roadmap that articulated the actions required to build foundational systems that would…

  • Enable the launch and maintenance of a stellar portfolio of partnership opportunities; and,
  • The characteristics, investment thresholds, and sales strategies for a multi-tiered prospective partnership structure, as well as wildly creative packaged and a la carte saleable experiences from across the arch of Fergusons’ offerings.

Case Result

Fergusons Downtown walked away from their Feelings-led XD experience with three (3) completely new partnership tiers, +$350,000 in clearly defined annual partnership opportunities, and a custom partnership experience design plan and implementation roadmap. All in under 90 days.