Hitting the High Notes for NWP

Notes With A Purpose Reclassified Event

In the past, Notes with a Purpose’s fundraising events were typically formal, featuring cocktail hours and crystal glassware. Dr. Le felt it was time for the donors to experience the kind of programs they helped support. The Music Juice Box Series gets kids interacting with classical music in a fun and creative way. This series teaches kids Mozart and Bach 2.0, showing how classical music can be approachable for everyone. An organization that works with kids in a unique and immersive way and should have a unique and immersive fundraising event. The challenge was creating this experience on a non-profit budget in a limited timeframe.

Enter G+A

G+A accelerated the 4D framework and created an experiential design plan for the fundraiser, aptly named Reclassified, based on Dr. Le\’s vision. It featured a simplified production schedule that left no stone unturned, a marketing plan which advertised an inclusive and progressive \”come as you are\” musical experience, plus a cabaret theme event design. 

Using our impact-to-investment (I2I) ratio, in place of a return on investment (ROI) ratio, G+A determined which aspect of the event would receive the highest impact with the least investment. Music was the heart of the event, so we determined it was important to create a physical space that would amplify and address the unique way Notes with a Purpose connects with and shares music. Acting as the perfect backdrop for the high-impact emotional return necessary for the evening was The Domsky Glass Gallery. It created a flawless and unexpected juxtaposition between the industrial space and classical music. The room was elevated by dark house lights and smoky, striking lighting effects.

\”Words truly cannot express how much appreciation I have for you. […] You were the critical component to NWP having pulled off both the Music Juice Box Series and Reclassified.\”

Case Result

Reclassified was met with rave reviews. The evening was a standing-room-only event with over 100 music lovers in attendance, transfixed by the evocative and seductive setting. Notes with a Purpose in partnership with G+A, invested wisely in the power of feelings and emotional response to create a new generation’s philanthropy.