Holy Sh*t Hospitality + Sophisticated Sizzle at AHIMA

AHIMA Event XD Discovery Meeting Red Wall Banner

For decades, AHIMA had been an industry-leading association for healthcare information management professionals who flocked to their annual conference, a bastion of knowledge and solutions for those in the file. Alongside a 2018 organizational mandate to strive boldly into the future, came the need and desire to redesign the association\’s proverbial tentpole through an entirely new lens.

On numerous occasions, the team had poured meticulously over metrics ranging from sales and sponsorship trends to market segmentation to digital marketing performance, using them respectively and in combination to create new strategies and tactics by which they could transform the perennial stalwart into something wholly new. While they found a measure of success at each attempt, they were also met by an ongoing yet almost indiscernible sense of stagnation. Despite their deep desire to tap the wellspring of new inspiration that could not only rejuvenate the team in their continued work but which would also imbue the event itself, and in turn, its consumers with new energy and vigor, they\’d hit a proverbial wall.

Enter G+A.

\”With AHIMA, we had to live in step one of The 4D Framework, the Discover step, where we focus on the paradigm shift from solving first to feeling first,\” said G+A founder and creative director, Mallory Gott. \”We know it\’s always critical to shift our clients\’ paradigm from an analytics-led to a feeling-led approach to design, and for AHIMA it was paramount. Getting clear on precisely how their dream event experience should, could, and would feel for customers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, and the planning team members themselves was going to make or break the entire project.\”

\”We were working with a highly capable, talented group of people who knew the ins and outs of their respective verticals. They didn\’t need to know what to do. They needed to know how they wanted to feel about doing it.\”

With a vivid description of the dream annual meeting experience in hand, G+A went to work crafting an experience design plan centered around event ambassadors whose very existence would drive the design of program content, marketing, sales and sponsorship interactions, continuing product development, and membership recruitment and retention. In place of the de facto \”annual conference as an island\” tact, G+A unveiled a comprehensive, connected experience design plan intended to deliver holy sh*t level hospitality and sophisticated sizzle at every stage of the event.

“As of yesterday we hit our financial goal of break-even and are likely to make at least a 10% margin on Conference. Thank you – you have done a phenomenal job and I am very appreciative of your expertise, creativity, and skill at this!”

Vicky Betzig, Director, Meetings, AHIMA