Seeking Dream Customers: EndoCares 2021

Healthy People Walking

The Endocrine Society’s strategic partnership team knew they wanted to find a way to provide their annual regional patient health fair to their dream customers but they needed help to define and design their dream experience.

The Endocrine Society is an 18,000 member-strong professional association and the primary professional home for endocrine scientists and clinical practitioners. They promote breakthroughs in scientific discovery and medical care through collaboration and bold ideas. Their regional fair is typically a two-day event that empowered and provided life-saving information to anyone living with or at risk for type 2 diabetes or obesity, particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable patient populations in the greater DC Metro area. To successfully go virtual, the strategic partnership team identified that they needed to create content + branding experiences that not only had high value during the event but could be reused and repurposed for future learners. Further, they recognized that a successful virtual transition would require more than just uploading content to an asynchronous platform.

Enter G+A, Enter Dream Customers

To create the dream experience, G+A encouraged the Society’s strategic partnership team to create a Vivid Description of their dream customers, or in this case, patients. Those descriptions resulted in profiles that featured the ‘dream patients’ needs and tastes for the event relating to content, brand, and event experience across a million tiny touchpoints, including patient’s daily challenges and how they access health information. Further, they clearly spelled out how the patients would feel at each stage of their interaction with the virtual health fair, feelings which ultimately drove experience design decision-making.

The profiles then helped G+A and the strategic partnership team design a customized event program with content tailored to create feelings of empowerment, promise, and individuality rather than force-fitting a cookie-cutter model.

[The EndoCares] site is outstanding! It looks impeccable and is so easy to view and navigate. Bravo to you, G+A – truly outstanding. This is so stinking cool. I love the 30, 60, 90 paths – this is awesome for a patient!

– Bri Palowitch, PharmD, Director, Training & Development, The Endocrine Society

The feelings-led approach to designing the virtual health fair experience resulted in some intriguing and unique features:

  • Big Health Questions (BHQs): In place of formal, stilted verbiage, G+A designed the program’s content around (4) Big Health Questions phrased in everyday language patients would actually use. SMEs then defined sub-topics that aligned to answers to those (4) questions that patients would want and need.
  • Content + The Bus Stop Test: G+A designed almost every piece of content to pass the “Bus Stop” test — patients had to be able to consume any piece of content in its entirety from a mobile phone in the time it took to travel between two bus stops.
  • Easy to Follow Paths: G+A organized content for each BHQ into 30-, 60-, and 90-minute buildable paths designed to stand alone (in part or in their entirety) or to complement other BHQ paths seamlessly.
  • Education and Empowerment Centered Content: G+A ensured content centered around easy-to-complete exercises designed to teach, reinforce, and create a path to true change, including post-event evaluations focused on real-world assessments of growth.
  • Patient Forward Branding: G+A designed the event\’s website with a light, approachable look and feel representative of the ‘dream patient’ profile. They invited patients in by creating a welcoming virtual space that was easy to navigate and straightforward to consume, and almost all content was available in both English and Spanish language options.