Define the Dream. Design the Dream. : The Course

Define the Dream.
Design the Dream.
The Course

A 6-Week Self-Study Experience for Creative Leaders

I know you.  You’re eager, positive, creative, ambitious – or at least you were. Recently those feelings have faded and life’s taken on a dull cast you just can’t shake.

A new job didn’t change the way you felt, neither did a new home, a new city, more clothes, fewer clothes, vacations, staycations, that new wellness routine or the living room remodel you DIY’ed. None of it helped you recapture and sustain the bygone feelings that used to add dimension and color to the prism of your everyday experience!
Ever the optimist, however, you know: There’s got to be a solution that doesn’t only require more sacrifice, longer hours of grueling work, a life lived for the weekends, or a career endured for the promise of retirement. Enter Define the Dream. Design the Dream. : The Course.  A 6-week self-directed learning experience designed to shift your paradigm, transform your problems into solutions, and help you design dream experiences at work and at home.
I found my head nodding constantly. The 4D Course is a mind-bender chock full of great stuff!​
Lisa M.

4D Student Profiles

Course Format


Videos + supplemental materials are designed to effortlessly introduce and familiarize you with course content while ensuring you’re prepared to take immediate action on what you’re learning.  Each module contains a series of unique, buildable sections allowing you the freedom to learn content at your own pace.


As you begin designing dream experiences using the course’s 4D tools, you’ll naturally have questions. Don’t worry.  We’ve got answers in the form of a live weekly Q+A session. Plus you’ll deepen your understanding and application of 4D tools by learning how other participants’ are using them to design their dream experiences.


This is a space for you to connect with other current + past participants, support one another, and share your wins. Additionally, you can access past weeks’ Q+A recordings and submit questions directly to Mallory via a private questionnaire.

BONUS: You receive lifetime access to the members-only group and all materials and group interaction contained within it!

I loved it! The 4D Course immediately helped change my thought process. I love finding ways to create feelings in even the smallest tasks. Thank you!
Trick S.


Module Milestone | Shift your paradigm. Feel first, solve next.

Do you have a seemingly unsolvable problem? (Hint: If you’re feeling more worn out than excited, lethargic than ecstatic or resigned than ambitious, you do.) Would you know your dream solution if you walked right into it?

In this module, you’ll discover the fundamental paradigm shift that serves as the foundation to designing your dream solution and dream experiences, and you’ll learn why winning the lottery is much simpler than you think!

Module Milestone | Begin living daily dream experiences now.

Think you have to solve your unsolvable problem to live your dream experience? Think again. 

In this module, you’ll explore how to create daily dream experiences immediately, and you’ll draft a vivid description of the dream solution to your unsolvable problem which is actually attainable!  

Module Milestone | Discard what’s blocking you from designing your dream experience.

  • “The time’s not right.”
  • “I’ll do it once I’ve built up that 6-month emergency fund.”
  • “I just lost my job, had a baby, got married, moved to L.A.; now’s not the right time.”

Any of these sound like familiar reasons why now just isn’t the time to live that dream experience you’re so hungry for? Sure they do.

In this module, you’ll learn how to face your F.E.A.R.s and neutralize the unconscious experiences that they create.  As it turns out, you already have everything you need to design your dream experience right now!

Module Milestone | Transform your unsolvable problem into a workable solution.

Are you solving the right unsolvable problem? (Spoiler alert: Probably not!)

In this module, which comprises the final three weeks of The 4D Course, you’ll learn to ask the correct questions so that you can transform your unsolvable problem into a workable solution and build your Dream Experience Design Plan.  

Bonus: Learn how to handle the inevitable doubts, delays, detours and dips you’re sure to encounter on the road to success.

I appreciate your creative approach to encouraging us to think differently. I’m still buzzing and consistently go back to, “what would Mallory do?” I try to approach each situation as an opportunity to think bigger and better [whether with] a small task or a large one.
Caryn O.
Photo of G+A Associates Founder Mallory Gott

A Six-figure Solution for Less Than Your Last Few Target Runs

If a trusted friend or mentor advised you to invest in a proven process that multinational corporations and international nonprofits had paid more than $100k for in order to shift your paradigm, transform an unsolvable problem into a workable solution, and build an actionable experience design plan in just 6 weeks,  would you:

Jump at the opportunity?

Be nervous and excited but willing to step outside of yourself to design and bring your dream experience life?

Latch on to the same fears + rationalizations you’ve used for years to stomach the status quo?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We screen every participant to evaluate whether they’re a great fit, and we want every participant to be all in, which means ONLY saying “yes” if you are committed to participating and getting the results you came for.

If you do this and go all in, we are confident you’ll be designing and living your dream experience in no time flat. 

Nonetheless, we know that life can throw you unexpected curveballs from time to time.  (COVID-19 anyone?), which is why we offer a 7-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an eager, positive, creative leader who’s grappling with a seemingly unsolvable problem but hasn’t given up hope that you can define and design a dream solution to that problem then you’re in the right place. 

Creativity and leadership can display themselves in many ways.  Our participants often work in non-profit, the arts, design, wellness, hospitality (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.), branding, marketing, retail, fashion, and related fields, and they generally lead teams be they departments, divisions, businesses or countries… just making sure you’re paying attention 😉 

Plan to allocate 2-4 hours per week to work on your course materials. How long you spend on this really depends on your desires and commitment level. Don’t think you’ve got the time?  How about trading in…

  • All that Netflix and chilling (even by yourself)
  • Aimless scrolling and pinning on IG or Pinterest
  • Mindlessly submitting all those one-click job applications on LinkedIn and Indeed
  • Looking at the stack of unread magazines and unopened books around your place for the 100th time

Define the Dream. Design the Dream. : The Course is a 6-week, self-directed learning experience featuring ongoing, rolling enrollment. Once we’ve determined that you’re a fit for the course, you can enroll and join the community of creative, eager, optimistic leaders designing dream experiences day in and day out.


You’ll receive access to all of The 4D Course materials from day one, as well as the complete course success checklist so that you can design your learning experience exactly as you see fit.  In addition, you will also get access to our members-only Facebook group where you can ask to submit questions, receive feedback, and gain access to live, weekly Q&A sessions with Mallory!

I’ve found this to be tremendously helpful – in breaking out of static patterns of thinking, reconsidering what’s possible, and refocusing more on what we really need and less on what we think we have to do. In particular, I love the reminder to stay in touch with our own awareness of what feels good and the need for fun – so many possibilities!
Jack C.