Our Story

Mallory speaking to her team

Mallory Gott, MA, CAE
Founder + Superstar Experiential Designer

After years designing experiences of all kinds (events, conferences, trade shows, learning programs, pop-ups, training, and more) for some of the world’s most discerning audiences, Mallory Gott, founder + creative director of G+A, realized that her approach – identifying the feelings she wanted an experience to evoke and then reverse-engineering those feelings through intentional design of each facet of the experience – was anything but typical.

From her unorthodox style, The 4D Framework was born and Mallory began guiding clients through the experience design thinking process, salvaging events, products, and services that seemed beyond help.

By focusing on emotion and desire first, working solutions instead of solving problems, and emphasizing intuitively-based decision making over a data-or-die mentality, G+A quickly amassed a portfolio of experiential design success stories helping client after client rediscover their innate magic to fantastic results and resounding success!

If you’re a dynamic leader, incredible artist, visionary retailer, charismatic philanthropist, or just generally awesome person whose spidey senses are tingling after that read, then you’re just who we’re looking for, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Satisfaction Guarantee

At G+A, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, we'll donate our time + talent at up to 10% of the cost of your project to make it right.

  • Simplicity

    G+A is efficient and transparent. We aim for simplicity whenever and wherever possible.

  • Ease

    G+A is easy to work with. We use the same field-tested processes and tools regardless of a project’s size or scope in order to make our work and yours as easy as we can.

  • Fun

    G+A is fun! Even must-dos are a blast with the right mindset. We have the most fun doing the best work!