Market Your Restaurant's Grand Opening with Now Open™

A 60-day Marketing Calendar Designed to Get Customers in Seats and Dollars in Your Pocket.

The Now Open Marketing calendar is an easy-to-use system of guided prompts and templates designed to generate your comprehensive 60-day restaurant grand opening (RGO) marketing plan in two hours or less and take the guesswork out of marketing your RGO.
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A $1M RGO™ Marketing Plan... Literally

The Now Open Marketing calendar uses the same approach restauranteur, Mallory Gott used to create and execute a $1M-winning restaurant grand opening-style event marketing plan, in under 12 weeks and with no prior RGO experience. The Now Open marketing calendar provides 60 days of grand opening content alongside templates and resources to ensure that your RGO is marketed for success.

Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing Your Restaurant Grand Opening

  • Master RGO Marketing with Ease | You don’t need to hire another freelancer just to tackle your RGO marketing calendar. Now Open is your low-tech, low-cost, high-impact solution.
  • Save Time & Your Sanity | Forget about vague online “How To” lists that waste your time. Get your RGO marketing right… right away!
  • Avoid the Blackhole | Focus on the bigger picture — you’re opening a restaurant. Get the tools you need to launch a powerful RGO marketing calendar without being constantly dragged into an online blackhole.

Use a Proven RGO Marketing Product to Make $ on Autopilot | Don’t waste time building and rebuilding grand opening marketing calendars for your restaurant clients. Use Now Open to deliver results and cash checks.

Overdeliver Every Time | With Now Open, successful RGO marketing is just the beginning. Earn the praise and loyalty of each of your restaurant clients —  not to mention their repeat business and referrals.

Accelerate Time to Market | Accept last-minute projects at a premium.  With Now Open, you no longer have to turn down last-minute requests or lose sleep if you accept them.  Create a comprehensive, 60-day RGO marketing calendar in under 2 hours.

Power Up In-house RGO Marketing | Consistently deliver successful RGO marketing calendars that set the tone for wildly successful grand opening events.

Flex with Ease | Don’t lose sleep over last-minute changes.  With Now Open, quickly and easily modify input prompts to generate updated RGO marketing calendar content in just a few clicks.

Easily Delegate Tasks | A clear-cut 60-day RGO marketing calendar lets you delegate marketing tasks with confidence that they’ll be delivered on brand and on time.

Your RGO Marketing Solution

Now Open takes the guesswork out of marketing your restaurant’s grand opening. We provide a comprehensive low-tech marketing plan, including 30 days of pre-and post-event content based on your concept. Whether you need a straightforward way to communicate your vision to a marketing or PR agency, or you’re a one-person marketing leader, our Now Open marketing calendar is guaranteed to get customers in seats and dollars in your pocket.

A 60-day Calendar in 2 Hours or Less

Let us take the effort out of marketing your grand opening. Our Now Open marketing calendar is designed to get you ready quickly and easily – in two hours or less! Enter information about your concept, target demographic, desired customer experience, and tone; the Now Open marketing calendar will do the rest.  Get started today with Now Open Marketing & make sure every penny counts towards smashing it on launch day!

The Now Open Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 14 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

It’s our goal to help 10,000 culinary underdogs transform themselves into sure things. If we’re not the solution you need, we won’t stand in your way because the path to success can look different for everyone.