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What is Experiential Design?

October 2, 2019 Experiential Design

That’s the question I’ve tried to answer in the first seven drafts of this blog post. I’d write something, feel good about it, and then read it only to realize it sounded like a lecture on the topic. If you’re familiar with what experiential design is, you know a lecture about it doesn’t quite align with its core values.

My Latest Customer: How I Defined My Own 4D Experience

May 2, 2022 Experiential Design, Space + Place XD

Remember the local diner in your hometown? Maybe it wasn’t exactly a diner, but nearly every town across America had a local coffee shop or deli or soda fountain. Those were the places where you could congregate with friends for a burger, a milkshake, or a golden grilled cheese sandwich.

A Labor of Love—XD Style

March 31, 2022 Experiential Design

Let me start with a story. It’s a romance…and a success story. It’s the story of how I put my money where my mouth is and designed my very own independent restaurant Experience Design Plan (XDP). In truth, it’s our XDP —mine and my partner, Chef Aaron Lee—and our plans for opening an immersive 1940’s-style ‘round-the-clock diner right in the Huntridge neighborhood of downtown Las Vegas. Complete with a 25¢ bottomless cup of coffee!

Evolution to Application: Feelings-led XD Focus – The 2022 Edit

February 28, 2022 Experiential Design

Picture this: You’re the biggest Bavarian beerhall in North America but your numbers are falling off bit by bit. You’ve been hugely successful for 15 years in a tough industry—and in Las Vegas to boot!—but things are starting to feel stale. Your marketing expenditures keep growing but your revenues aren’t keeping up. How could a feeling-led approach be the answer you never knew you needed?

Origin Story: From Event Design to Experience Design. How The 4D Framework Came to Be.

November 29, 2021 Experiential Design

Life is definitely a journey; while it may start with a single step—as the saying goes—it can take a series of steps to reach one’s destination. At least that’s been my personal experience. My, Mallory Gott, founder and creative director of G+A, journey to build an experience design framework with its roots in event design hasn’t been so much trial and error as a progression towards and refinement of a process that brings joy to both my clients and myself.

Shift Your Paradigm: Use Feelings-Led Experience Design to Land Your Dream Candidate or Your Dream Job

October 13, 2021 Culture + People XD

When you approach a seemingly unsolvable problem (finding the dream candidate or scoring the dream job), let feelings be your guide to a favorable outcome. Both the journey and the destination will be more fulfilling if you do.