We bring your hospitality brand to life with epic events, dazzling activations, and awesome interior design. Think of it as transforming your 2D brand into a stunning 3D experience that will leave customers wowed.

We serve boutique hotels, refined nightlife venues, and vibrant bar and restaurant operators and brands around the globe. 


Event Design + Planning

Experiential Events

Events & Event Marketing

We use feelings-led design to create unique stand alone and on-premises events that make your brand stand out to customers while appealing to new markets. Our approach leverages emotional connection and the unexpected to craft word-of-mouth-worthy experiences solidifying your status as the go-to brand for consumers in your industry. 

B2C Installations + Activations

We bring your brand’s ideas to life through amazing installations and activations. Whether they last for a day, a month, or longer, G+A specializes in creating dazzling experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers. 


Interior Architecture

Experiential Interiors

Restaurant, Bar + Lounge Interiors

G+A specializes in crafting extraordinary experiences through interior design. We closely collaborate with avant-garde culinary concepts to translate their desired emotions into a one-of-a-kind interior experience that reflects their vision. We’re the go-to experts who ensure your feelings are at the heart of your interior design journey.

Our passion for excellence has earned us acclaimed recognition, including a prestigious $1M restaurant build-out prize. From concept to completion, trust us to deliver an exceptional interior design experience that captures your unique style.